Our Providers

Rogue Valley Physicians Providers
Rogue Valley Physicians is a group of independent medical practices that have partnered together in the today’s complex infrastructure of health care to enable us to provide excellent medical care and to preserve the one on one physician-patient personal relationship.

RVP’s Physicians, Family Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and medical support staff value the long standing relationships they have built with the patients they serve. Our practices have provided care to families for generations.

Discover the benefits of an independent medical clinic.

Children & Adolescents Clinic
2940 Doctors Park Drive
Medford OR 97504
P: (541) 779-1300
F: (541) 779-9171

Christina L. Martin, MD
Lawrence C. Stumpff, MD
Sarah M. Christensen, MD
Martin K. Young, MD


Creekside Family Medicine
2859 State Street
Medford, OR 97504
P: (541) 282-6580 
F: (541) 282-6581

Stephen Nelson, MD


Family Practice Group
229 W Stewart Ave
Medford OR 97504
P: (541) 779-5531
F: (541)618-6452

Caryn Belafsky, MD
Tom Margulies, MD
Ashley Peterson, MD
Eric Ring, MD
Jill D Celestskye, MSN, APRN, BC-FNP
Dea Collins, MSN, FNP
Denise Ledbetter, PA-C
Julie Newmann, PA-C
Rex Strickler, PA-C


Groskopp & Ryland
800 E. Main
Medford, OR
P: (541) 608-7683
F: (541) 608-7689

Kristine Groskopp, DO
Anne Ryland, PA
Mary Barnum, FNP-C


Southern Oregon Internal Medicine
2900 Doctor’s Park Drive, Suite 200
Medford OR 97504
P: (541) 282-2200
F: (541) 282-2237

William Husum, MD
Fernando Cendejas, MD
Dennis Linden, MD, FRCPC, CCD
Albert Newton III, MD
Philipp Olshausen, MD, PhD
Christopher M. Murphy, MD
Ryan Hungerford, MD


Valley Family Practice
3524 Heathrow Way
Medford, Oregon 97504
P: 541) 646-3505
F: (541) 646-3553

John P. Shonerd, DO
Cindy A. Konecne, DO
Sita Taibi, PA-C
Deborah Boles, FNP
Christine Stanek, FNP


All RVP clinics are independent owner-operated medical practices.